apply with unisa 2023-2024

By | August 30, 2021

apply with unisa 2023-2024

apply with unisa 2023-2024

apply with unisa 2023-2024

How To Apply | Unisa Application

The following documents are required to apply to unisa:

v  Proof of payment of any applicable application costs

v  A certified copy of the green barcoded ID

v  Obtain a certified copy of your grade 11 results, as well as any recent grade 12 results.

apply with unisa 2023-2024

Continue reading for comprehensive list of things to consider before applying. 
Applicants must evaluate the unique supplementary criteria for each course and academic institution. 
Please be aware of NBTs and confirm with your university whether or not NBT scores are required for application. 
For more information about NBTs, click here. 
Students from South Africa who wish to apply online must have valid email address as well as valid ID number. 
Foreign students must have their passport number in order to apply.

Who must apply?

  • Anyone interested in beginning a new qualification must apply for admission.
    This includes first time Unisa applicants, Unisa students moving to new qualification, and those who have previously applied but been rejected admission.


    Anyone who has completed Higher Certificate or an Alternative Pathway Extended Program must apply for admission to the following educational level.


    You must reapply if you previously applied for admission and received feedback but did not register for whatever reason.


    Anyone interested in enrolling in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college must apply through the Unisa-TVET agreement.

    Examine your documents and make sure you’re ready to apply.

Please keep in mind that if you do not meet all of the requirements listed below, your application will be rejected, and you will have to reapply during the next application period.

 I am sure…

  • that Open Distance Learning (ODL) and Unisa are for me
  • about my career
  • that I have chosen the correct Unisa qualification(s) for my career choice
  • that I meet the legal and college admission standards for my chosen qualification(s)
  • that I have a valid e-mail address and cellphone number, and that I understand that Unisa will use this e-mail address and cellphone number to communicate with me during the application process. During the application process, please supply only one e-mail address and one cellphone number.

apply with unisa 2023-2024

 I have the following documents scanned & uploaded to an electronic device

The following documents must be submitted by all applicants who are starting a new qualification:

  • Copy of your school qualifications (eg Senior Certificate)
  • Copy of your official tertiary academic record(s) (if applicable) (internet copies will not be accepted)
  • Copy of your ID document (RSA students) or ID / passport (international students)
  • Copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable) or divorce decree (if applicable)
  • If the documents are not in English or Afrikaans, sworn translations are required.

*Supplementary paperwork may be required for some qualifications.  Unisa reserves the right to request original papers and/or verify the accuracy of given documents at any time. Fake documentation is prohibited under the Student Disciplinary Code.

 I am sure that my documents are scanned according to the rules

Pay strict attention to the directions when completing the online application process. 

upload the required documents as individual files and not a complete set of documents as one file.

  • Files are not larger than 2MB (2048KB) each.
  • Only black and white documents may be submitted.
  • Only the following file types are allowed: PDF (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format file), DOC (Word document file) or TIF (image file)

Ways to apply

Upload supporting documents

Everyone who is pursuing new qualification must submit the necessary paperwork (all first-time applicants and Unisa students starting new qualification). 
Unisa will not offer scanners or electrical equipment. 
Please make sure that you have scanned and transferred all of your documents to an electronic device before commencing the application process.

Pay the application fee once you’ve received a student number from Unisa

  • R105 for online applications
  • R160 for hard copy applications (non-degree purposes only)
  • Use the student number you receive from Unisa AND the application fee reference number (ie STUDENTNUMBER 5370810030)
  • Visit for banking details and payment information.
This fee is non-refundable even if you decide not to study at Unisa or do not meet the admissions standards. 
Cash is not accepted at any of Unisa’s offices. 
The application fee must be paid by the application period’s deadline. 
Any application that does not include fee will be denied. 
As evidence of payment, please keep copy of your receipt

Make sure that your application is complete

If your application for admission to study through Unisa is incomplete, you will have to resubmit during the next application season.

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Unisa Application Grant 2023-2024

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