complete registration form at unisa 2023-2024

By | September 22, 2021

complete registration form at unisa 2023-2024

complete registration form at unisa 2023-2024

complete registration form at unisa

Who must register?

  • Applicants may only register after receiving confirmation from Unisa that their admission application has been accepted.
  • Students who have re-registered (who have achieved adequate progress during the current academic year) and students who have formally postponed their studies must register online during the allowed registration period for 2023. Students who re-register but have not made acceptable progress may be barred from enrolling.

If you want to begin a new qualification, please apply online within the stipulated application time for the qualification

Guidelines for Online Registration

The Unisa online registration process is quick and easy. Follow these procedures to guarantee that your registration is correctly processed.

  1. Enter your student ID in the box given and then click the links.
  2. Check your contact information on the screen and rectify any errors.
  3. Enter the module(s) you wish to register. Check that you have met all of the prerequisites and co-requisites for the module(s) you have chosen. Also, double-check that you typed the module code accurately (s). 
  4. If you choose structured / coursework master’s degree courses, please check the Unisa Unisa provisional examination timetable to verify that there are no overlaps in examination dates.
  5. If you submit your registration without making payment, your registration will not be considered complete until the university receives the minimum registration cost during the applicable registration period (you will only be registered once Unisa has received your study fees).  Once you have finished your online registration, the fee information / minimum amount payable applicable to your qualification will be shown.

complete registration form at unisa 2023-2024

We are aware of the issue with exam center codes, which is impacting M&D registrations. If you receive an error notice about an exam center code, please click the “Submit to advisor” option and the M&D Administration Division will rectify it.

Please note:

  • If you receive an error notice during the registration procedure, carefully read the message and make the required modifications to the modules before clicking the “submit to advisor” button.
  • Your registration will not be complete until Unisa receives your study costs. All registration costs must be paid before the applicable deadline.
  • Incorrect registrations will be corrected in accordance with college/qualification policies.

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