Details of Unisa B-Tech Application

By | July 31, 2021

Details of Unisa B-Tech Application

Details of Unisa B-Tech Application

Baccalaureus Technologize: Engineering: Mechanical

Details of Unisa B-Tech Application

Qualification code: BTMEE
NQF level: 7
Total credits: 120
SAQA ID: 62323
APS/AS: 50


Purpose statement:
Persons attaining this qualification should be able to independently integrate mechanical engineering principles and specialist knowledge, apply these to determine suitable ways of approaching activities, and create and use criteria to judge processes and outcomes. This qualification is intended for engineering practitioners in the industry. A qualified person with adequate experience will be able to register with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) as a Professional Technologist in this field of Engineering.

This qualification will be presented using both online and distance learning modes.

Who can register?

  • Applicants may only register once they have received authorization from Unisa that their application for admission has been accepted. Unisa holds the right to not process and/or to withdraw your registration if it is found that you were inaccurately admitted to a qualification.
  • Re-registering students may register for the 2023-2024 academic year once the registration period opens.

Please note:

  • If you wish to start a new qualification, please apply for a different qualification during the next application period.
  • All communication sent to you after the preliminary study package (with the exception of study guides) will be sent electronically to your myLife e-mail account (ie. follow-up tutorial letters, examination timetables and results, financial statements). You will no longer receive such communication in printed format.

How to choose your qualification

Each Unisa qualification is designed in such a way that you need to pass a certain number of modules and NQF level credits within a convinced amount of time in order to graduate. You must pass a minimum number of credits/modules annually so that you would be are able to re-register and continue with your qualification:

  • At least 36 NQF credits (3 modules of 12 credits each) in your first year of study.
  • At least 48 NQF credits (4 modules of 12 credits each) in your second or further years of study.

You may not register for more than the allowed maximum number of credits/modules per semester:

  • At least 60 NQF credits (5 modules of 12 credits each) in a semester.
  • At least 120 NQF credits (10 modules of 12 credits each) per year for year modules.

The maximum number of credits does not include additional and/or aegrotat examinations from a former semester. Modules taken for non-degree / non-diploma purposes also count towards the maximum number of credits allowed.

You must take your time into consideration when selecting your modules, as this will impact your academic performance. You need roughly

  • 6 to 8 hours per week for semester modules.
  • 4 to 6 hours per week for year modules.

Click here for more information on managing your studies.

Details of Unisa B-Tech Application

Curriculum for this qualification

As you are deciding on the modules you will be registering for, kindly write down the module names and codes so that you have something that you can refer to when completing your registration.

Group A. Compulsory
EDP401M – Engineering Design Project IV
Group B. Choose any three of the following groups (B, C, D, E , F )
AUC401M – Automatic Control IV Pre-requisite:MOM3602 & MOMPRB3
MOM401M – Mechanics of Machines IV Pre-requisite:MOM3602 & MOMPRB3
Group C.
SOM401M – Strength of Materials IV Pre-requisite:SOM3602 & SOMPRB3
STA401M – Stress Analysis IV Pre-requisite:SOM3602 & SOMPRB3
Group D.
FMA401M – Fluid Mechanics IV Pre-requisite:FMA3602 & FMAPRB3
TMA401M – Turbo Machines IV Pre-requisite:FMA3602 & FMAPRB3
Group E.
RAC401M – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning IV Pre-requisite:THD3602 & THDPRB3
THD401M – Thermodynamics IV Pre-requisite:THD3602 & THDPRB3
Group F.
MMN101M – Maintenance Management
PRT401I – Production Technology IV

Details of Unisa B-Tech Application

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