Details of Unisa Council Bursary Application 2023-2024

By | July 28, 2021

Details of Unisa Council Bursary Application 2023-2024

Details of Unisa Council Bursary Application 2023-2024

Details of Unisa Council Bursary Application

Applications have been open for Unisa Council Bursary. The deadline for applications is 31 May.

Unisa has yet again made money available to help Unisa students in the categories below:

  • Students who could not graduate because of unsettled debt.
  • Continuing students with unsettled debt.
  • New students who could not be supported by NSFAS.

To be suitable for this bursary, students must apply and meet the following conditions:

  • Must be a South African student
  • Must be registered for a formal qualification
  • Must have obtained at least a 55% average

The selection of applications will be done by an outside service provider to verify the genuineness of the information submitted. A test will be conducted to decide financial neediness. Unfinished forms will not be considered.

For the application form Click here. Application forms have also been made available at Unisa regional offices. Finished applications should be submitted via e-mail to

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The deadline for applications is 31 May

Please note that the result of your application will be communicated to you through SMS and your myLife e-mail account.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do you know if registration data is sent to NSFAS?

  • Registration is made active without paying a minimum registration amount.
  • The student received an SMS from UNISA approving that registration has been established.
  • By following updates on the NSFAS portal created during the application process.

Why is the study fees account still owing while NSFAS has approved my funding?

  • NSFAS takes charge to settle your study fee account later or during the year.
  • The balance owed on the study fee account will not hinder all services due to a student by the university, for example marking assignments and exams.
  • NSFAS settlement of tuition fee account is subject to a student registered for first qualification and funded qualification.

Why is a payout of allowance delayed?

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For more info visit the school website

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