how to Defer Unisa Exam

By | August 18, 2021

how to Defer Unisa Exam

how to Defer Unisa Exam

how to Defer Unisa Exam

When unforeseen or unusual circumstances prevent you from attending or performing well in your test or final assessment item, you can seek for secondary assessment. You must apply for secondary assessment within five days of the due date of your exam or final assessment, and you can only apply for secondary assessment once per course. If your situation makes it difficult for you to submit on time, your application will be examined by the Director of Student and Academic Services before being accepted. The Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM) section 7 provides examples of the circumstances under which secondary assessment may be approved:

Medical Circumstances*

  • an unexpected illness
  • a re-occurrence of a chronic illness
  • an accident.

Compassionate Circumstances*

  • death or serious illness of a close family member
  • a server disruption to domestic arrangements
  • being a victim of crime
  • an accident.

Special Circumstances*

  • religious observance
  • community service, for example, jury duty, an unforeseen call to the Australian Defence Force or state emergency services
  • a summons to appear in court
  • a minor vehicle accident that occurred on the day of the examination or deadline for submission of the final assessment
  • training/sporting/rehearsing/performing commitments for elite athletes and performing artists as defined on the Unisa website
  • Circumstances relating to your job, such as a last-minute interstate move. Changes in employment that are within the student’s control, as well as holiday plans, are not considered unique circumstances.

how to Defer Unisa Exam

*If personal issues are affecting your studies you should consider making an appointment with a Counsellor from our Student Support Services

When applying for secondary evaluation, make sure you have relevant and suitable supporting paperwork.

Holidays, special events (such as festivals or weddings), and other planned events are examples of situations that are often not regarded surprising or unique. If you are unsure if your circumstance falls within the secondary evaluation policy, please contact Campus Central so that we can provide you with more personalized guidance.

You may be given a deferred exam or assessment if you apply before your exam or assessment. You may be given extra attention if you apply after your exam or assessment.

On myUnisa, you may see the secondary assessment type next to the original enrolment if you have been awarded a secondary assessment. Campus Central will also send you a confirmation letter or email.

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