How to Pass Unisa Exams

By | August 20, 2021

How to Pass Unisa Exams

How to Pass Unisa Exams

How to Pass Unisa Exams

Passing Unisa exams begins with reading this letter and receiving your study materials on the first day.

These are the tasks that I believe you should complete in order to pass your Unisa exams:
(1) Check that you have received all the required materials.
Check the inventory note when you receive your Unisa study materials to ensure that you have received all of the study materials you are meant to receive. Make a list of the materials you have not yet received if you have not received all of them.

(2) Read Tutorial 101 first.
It is critical that you read Tutorial Letter 101 first because it contains critical information such as your assignments, due dates, and the required books.

How to Pass Unisa Exams

(3) Buy study materials in time.
You have a higher chance of making good preparations if you get all of your required books as soon as possible.
(4) Make a time table for your studies.
Allow sufficient time for each course to study, prepare assignments, and make modifications.
(5) Consider the “test yourself” questions.
It is entirely up to you how you study. We all study in different ways, so find one that works for you. When you’re studying, you’ll notice that your study materials typically include some test yourself questions at the end of each chapter. It’s critical that you make an effort to answer these questions. You’ll be able to detect any gaps in your studies this way, and you’ll be able to focus on those portions that need to be addressed.
(6) Submit all assignments.
If you’ve only completed one assignment, your chances of failing a test are higher than if you’ve completed all of them. This is due to the fact that most Unisa exams only cover 70% of the entire score, with the remaining 30% coming from assignments.

How to Pass Unisa Exams

(7) Familiarise yourself with exam structure.
You will find excellent materials to assist you in your studies on your MyUnisa portal. Past test question papers are one example of such materials. Download a few of these question papers to get a sense of how prior exams were set out. In order to prepare for tests, you should also try to answer some of these question papers.

(8) Make time for enough revision before the exam date.
Make sure you revise on time and are prepared for the exam by using all of your study resources and notes.

(9) Arrive at least 15 minutes before exams.
During exams, it is critical that you come on time. You should attend at least 15 minutes before the scheduled exam time, according to Unisa. This will allow you to relax, listen to the invigilator’s instructions, and have enough time to go over your question paper.

 (10) Relax, go with the flow.
Why stress if you know you’ve done enough preparation? You’ve made it this far; good luck.

How to Pass Unisa Exams

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