Unisa Aegrotat and Special Exams forms pdf 2023-2024

By | August 18, 2021

Unisa Aegrotat and Special Exams forms pdf 2023-2024

Unisa Aegrotat and Special Exams forms pdf 2023-2024

Aegrotat and Special Exams forms pdf 2023-2024

Only according to Rule 18 of the myRegistration Unisa Information Brochure may an aegrotat or special examination be given.

In the application, you must specify the precise study unit for which an aegrotat examination is desired. Candidates must have passed the applicable study unit’s test.

Aegrotat examinations

  • A good medical certificate provided by a Medical Practitioner accredited with the South African Medical and Dental Council must accompany each application for an aegrotat examination. The medical certificate must describe the nature, onset date, and duration of the illness, as well as state that the candidate was unable or unwilling to take the examination on the day(s) in question due to illness on the day(s) in question, or immediately prior to or during the examination, for health reasons.

Make sure the date on the medical certificate matches the date of the exam. On every documentation, the student number must appear.

Special examinations

  • During the examination time, personal situations such as professional commitments, major sickness, or the death of a relative may arise.

How to apply

MyUnisa is the only place where you may apply online. Go to the administrative part of myUnisa and look for the Examination Timetable tool.

The online application for aegrotat / special examinations must be accompanied by a medical certificate or other documentary evidence that explains in detail why the candidate was unable to take the exam.

An application must be accompanied by the required examination fee. To apply, go to myUnisa and fill out the form. WITHIN TEN DAYS OF THE DEADLINE FOR COMPLETING THE EXAMINATION.

Aegrotat and Special Exams forms pdf 2023-2024

Applications that are late or incomplete will be rejected. There are no refunds or transfers for examination fees.

In the event that the examination dates or times clash, no other dates or times can be established.

In the event that a student qualifies for both an aegrotat or special examination and a supplementary examination under General information and Rules G10(4), the supplementary examination will lapse if the examination dates and/or times overlap.

Physically disabled people’s examinations

A physically impaired student who is unable to write his or her examination at an approved location must apply annually in writing by 28 February for May/June examinations and before 31 July for October/November or January/February examinations, along with a medical certificate specifying the nature of his or her handicap. A handicapped student who requires special examination accommodations is treated similarly.

Kindly click here for the Aegrotat and Special Exams forms pdf.

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