unisa aegrotat exam application form 2023-2024

By | September 6, 2021

unisa aegrotat exam application form 2023-2024

unisa aegrotat exam application form 2023-2024

unisa aegrotat exam application form

What is an aegrotat exam?

The UNISA aegrotat is a special exam provided to students who were unable to take the main exam on the scheduled day due to sickness. This gives the student the option of taking a particular test on the study unit at a later time. Note that if you did not pass an examination, you should apply for the additional examinations rather than the aegrotat.

In plain English, aegrotat refers to a document stating that a university student is too ill to sit for a test. The University of South Africa requires students to satisfy the criteria and conditions of Rule 18 in the UNISA student regulations in order to apply for the aegrotat UNISA or special exams. Evidence supporting the claimed cause for missing the examination must be included with the application.

UNISA aegrotat exam application process.

It’s crucial to remember that an aegrotat test will only be given if a student misses an exam due to illness on the day of the exam or during the exam period. A medical certificate provided by a licensed medical practitioner who is registered with the South African Medical and Dental Council is required of the student.

unisa aegrotat exam application form 2023-2024

This certificate should include the type of the disease, the date it began, and how long it lasted. It should state that the university student’s participation in the exam was undesired or impossible due to the mentioned health grounds (s).¬† The dates on the granted medical certificate must match the dates on which the student was scheduled to take the examinations, and the student’s number must appear on all papers.

The procedure that must be followed How can I register for the Unisa Aegrotat exam? If you satisfy the requirements listed above, you may apply for the aegrotat or UNISA special test by following the processes outlined below:

  1. To begin, fill out the required form or write a letter stating your student number and the study unit(s) you wish to pursue.
  2. Attach a copy of your medical certificate or any other document that may be used as proof of your absence from the exam.
  3. The application must include the requisite exam cost. All applications must be filed within 10 days of the examination date and delivered to the following address:
  • The Registrar (Academic) PO Box 392, UNISA 0003,
  • Alternatively, you can send the application via an electronic form.
  • Lastly, you can submit your application for the exams via UNISA aegrotat email using the address; aegrotats@unisa.ac.za.

unisa aegrotat exam application form 2023-2024

Note that your student number must be indicated on the subject heading of the email. Note that late and incomplete applications will be rejected. Also, the exam fees for aegrotats and special exams are not refundable or transferable.

UNISA aegrotat examination fees.

You will be required to pay R240 in UNISA aegrotat fees. Special examinations, extra examinations, and commenting of examination scripts all cost the same amount.

Unisa Special Exams

When personal circumstances, such as professional obligations, significant sickness, or the loss of a relative, prevent a person from sitting for the regular examinations, they are eligible for the special exams. Proper documentation, such as a letter from an employer, will be required throughout the application process in order to sit for UNISA special examinations.

Physically handicapped examinations and UNISA extra examinations

If a student is physically challenged, they must ask in writing for a special venue by the 28th of February for May/June examinations and before the 31st of July for October/November or January/February exams. A medical document stating the nature of the student’s disability must also be submitted.

unisa aegrotat exam application form 2023-2024

If you’re thinking about applying for the UNISA supplemental test, keep the following in mind:

  • For practical units, there are no further examinations.
  • A student will be allowed extra examinations if they receive a minimum of 40% on an evaluation. This is a gift that cannot be accepted. A supplemental exam will be noted on your results if you are required to take one.
  • After delaying an examination, you will be given an aegrotat or supplement examination, which will be your final opportunity.

Because you cannot delay one paper at a time, if a module has both paper 1 and paper 2, both papers will be deferred. Also, keep in mind that a student is only allowed two assessment opportunities per module before having to re-register for the subject.

If you have missed a test due to illness or unavoidable personal circumstances, you should prepare the required documentation to apply for a UNISA special or aegrotat exam. With the above thorough information on the UNISA aegrotat test, you should have no trouble applying as long as you satisfy the requirements. Be grateful that the university has given you a second opportunity, and make use of it.

Best wishes!

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