Unisa Application June 2023-2024

By | August 10, 2021

Unisa Application June 2023-2024

Unisa Application June 2023-2024

Apply for admission to Unisa for the 2023-2024 academic year and register Who should apply?

Anyone interested in beginning a new qualification must apply for admission.

When do I have to submit my application?

During the applicable application period, you must apply for admission to the 2023-2024 academic year.

How should I submit my application?

If you want to enroll in classes at a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college as part of the Unisa-TVET agreement, you can do so through the TVET college or through Unisa’s online or self-help alternatives.

For some qualifications, TVET colleges provide face-to-face tuition/courses for specified modules. Please double-check that the TVET college you’ve chosen offers the qualifications you want.

Unisa Application June 2023-2024

Apply for admission via a TVET college

  • Please double-check that the TVET college you’ve chosen offers the certificate you want.
  • Apply for Unisa admission through a TVET college. At the time of application, make it clear that you are applying for admission to Unisa. During the application process, make sure you submit all required documents and pay the application fee.

Online or at a Unisa self-help terminal, apply for admission to Unisa.

  • Online via the application website: www.unisa.ac.za/apply
  • Visit a Unisa Regional Office to finish your application online using the self-help stations  (application form + uploaded supporting documents) (08:00-15:30, Mondays to Fridays)

Register for 2023-2024 academic year

All successful candidates who have confirmed their acceptance of Unisa’s offer will receive information on registration dates and the registration process from Unisa. Visit www.unisa.ac.za/register for registration information.

The application process


  • A maximum of two qualifications ordered in order of preference, may be applied for (although you may only register for one should both of your qualifications be successful). 
  • The conclusion of your application will be communicated to you by Unisa. If you are accepted, Unisa will tell you which qualification you have been accepted for and will offer you a spot for the period you applied for (ie semester 1). 
  • You have a certain amount of time to accept or reject Unisa’s offer. If you miss the deadline, Unisa will cancel your offer and give your spot to another candidate.
  • First-time applicants to Unisa will be required to complete the First-Year Experience (FYE) MOOC (massive open online course) before being able to accept Unisa’s offer.
  • You are only allowed to accept one offer. This implies that if you accept an offer for one qualification (whether it’s your first or second option), the other will immediately be withdrawn.
  • You must register for the time for which you have been granted admission if you accept Unisa’s offer (ie semester 1).  You will need to reapply for admission during the following application season if you do not enroll for the appropriate semester of study. June 2023-2024 Unisa Application 

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