Unisa Apply For Graduation Information

By | August 6, 2021

Unisa Apply For Graduation Information

Unisa Apply For Graduation Information

Obtain information about graduating.

Unisa Graduation Application Information

You believe you should be graduating, but you haven’t received any notification? Keep in mind that the qualification audit procedure might take a long time.

Information on graduation

Here’s how to use Unisa to get graduation information.

Step 1: Go to the University of South Africa’s official website and look up MyAdmin.

Step 2: Get the pupils’ phone numbers, last names, and full names.

Step 3: You must provide your date of birth.

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You may now successfully view your graduation information after entering all of the required information.

On the other hand

Log in to myUnisa with your student number and password to view your graduation information. Then choose “myAdmin,” “Student Admin,” and “Graduation Information” from the drop-down menus.

Submit the form once you’ve double-checked the information.

Confirmation: the qualification has been completed.

Unisa Apply For Graduation Information

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When will I be notified that my qualification has been completed?

After the examination results are announced, the Directorate: Student Admissions and Registrations audits a final-year student’s record to ensure that the qualification has been completed before the qualification status is changed from “Final year” to “Completed” by the Division: Graduations. After the examination results are announced, the audit will be completed as quickly as feasible.

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