Unisa Apply 2023-2024

By | August 12, 2021

Unisa Apply 2023-2024

unisa apply 2023-2024

Application for admission 

Although Unisa offers an open application policy, students should always check to see if the credentials they want to pursue are not oversubscribed for that semester or year.

Most qualifications are currently full for the academic year 2023. The university will determine whether any credentials have room for the second semester of 2022 by the end of April 2022. Applicants are eligible to apply for open qualifications. Please see the following qualifications on the application website.

Applicants who meet all of the entrance requirements will be offered a spot in semester 2 in May 2023.

The application model at Unisa is open and continuous, which means that applications are accepted all year.

Unisa Apply 2023-2024

Please keep the following in mind:

  • All admissions applications must be submitted online between January 3 and March 7, 2023. At the regional offices, no self-help stations will be accessible for applications.
  • A qualification does not come with a guarantee of acceptance. It depends on whether you meet the entrance requirements and whether there is room available.
  • Not all qualifications are always available. On the online application form, only the qualifications for which there is the room will be available.
  • You can contact the Central Applications Clearing House (CACH) at DHET if you were not offered a spot at Unisa. For more information, go here.

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