Unisa E-Tutor Application Form 2023-2024

By | August 6, 2021

Unisa E-Tutor Application Form 2023-2024

Unisa E-Tutor Application Form 2023-2024

Unisa E-Tutor Application Form 

UNISA is South Africa’s sole publicly financed university committed to open and distant learning. The University is accepting applications for services as Online Tutors (E-tutors) on an independent contract basis, in keeping with its purpose as a comprehensive, open, and distant learning tertiary school offering a variety of academic and career-focused programs.

Unisa E-Tutor Application Form 2022

Normative requirements:

  • Working with a variety of kids
  • Willingness to receive training in a variety of areas related to tutoring

E-Tutors will have the following duties:

  • Facilitate the delivery of lessons through the internet.
  • Manage the online learning experiences of your students.
  • Facilitate online connections between students and their classmates.
  • Provide academic and technical help to students over the internet.

You’ll do the following as an independent contractor:

  • Not be considered a Unisa employee
  • In accordance with the UNISA conditions of service, you will not be entitled to any benefits such as medical assistance, office space, equipment, or leave (including sick leave).
  • You will need to provide your own infrastructure, including a computer, Internet connectivity, work area, and any other office-related equipment.
  • Work on your own time to complete 75 hours of online instructional activities every semester (excluding marking)
  • You could also be asked to grade students’ assignments and exams. If this is the case, an independent task agreement with its own compensation will be stated.

Please do not apply for the E-Tutor/Teaching Assistant post if you have already been hired.

Unisa E-Tutor Application Form 2023-2024

E–tutoring positions are available in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences in the following Departments:


  • GGH1501 –Know–Your–World: Introduction–to–Geography
  • GGH1502 –World Issues: A Geographical Perspective 
  • GGH1503–Our Living Earth
  • GGH2602–The Geography of Services Provision


  • FOC1501 –Fundamentals of Conservation I
  • CEC1501 –Conservation Ecology I
  • PSO3701 –Plant Studies III


  • EPD101T –Epidemiology
  • EPD2601 –Epidemiology AH I
  • TP1501 –Introduction to Plant Production

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Particular Requirements

Only candidates with an Honors Degree/BTech (4-Year Degree) or equivalent will be considered. Candidates with excellent academic achievement or special knowledge in the module applied for will be given priority.

To apply, follow these steps:

  • Your application must be supported by a COMPREHENSIVE CURRICULUM VITAE and an identity document (for non-South African candidates, this can be a passport, work visa, permanent residency permit, or proof of nationalization if appropriate). However, for an appointment, the appropriate policy steps shall be followed.) (during the last six months) certified copies of academic transcripts/records. all educational credentials (certified copies within the last six months) (certified copies within the previous six months).
  • For international qualifications, evidence of SAQA verification is required (if applicable) (during the last six months) certified copies The application form, as well as any attachments, must be delivered.

Closing Date: 26 November

Assumption of duty: February 2023

  • UNISA maintains the right to authenticate all credentials without the applicant’s permission.
  • Three contactable references’ information must be given.
  • Applications that are late, incomplete, or inaccurate will not be accepted.
  • Unisa is not obligated to fill a post that has been advertised.
  • Persons with Disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Unisa’s Employment Equity Plan and any related regulations shall be followed while making appointments. UNISA maintains the right to refuse an appointment, and contact will be confined to just those candidates who have been short–listed. Please assume that your application was unsuccessful if you have not been contacted within two months of the advertisement’s closing date. Application Form for Unisa E-Tutor 2022

Download the E-Tutor Application Form 2022

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