Unisa Gap Grant Application 2023-2024

By | August 6, 2021

Unisa Gap Grant Application 2023-2024

Unisa Gap Grant Application

To apply for your Missing Middle Gap Grant, follow the next three steps.
Unisa (DHET) Gap Grant
What is a combined family income?
This is the entire amount of money earned by the student and his or her immediate family (mother, father, spouse, or legal guardian) through earnings, salaries, grants, pensions, or other sources of income, such as rental or company revenue.
The gross combined family income (income before deductions) may not exceed R600 000 per annum.

Unisa Gap Grant Application
Who should submit an application?

  • If you are a current Unisa undergraduate or postgraduate student, you are eligible to apply for the 2023 fee adjustment award (formal qualification).
  • You are a citizen of South Africa.
  • Your annual household income does not exceed R600,000.
  • For the 2020 academic year, you will only get a partial bursary/scholarship that does not cover the whole cost of your studies (provided that your combined family income does not exceed R600 000).

Who is not eligible to apply?

  • Students who have already received a fee adjustment (missing middle) award for the 2019 academic year.
  • Students from families with a combined annual income of more than R600 000.
  • Students who have already applied for NSFAS support for the 2019 academic year and are eligible. NSFAS candidates who meet the criteria will be immediately evaluated for the 2019 fee adjustment award.
  • Students that graduated from Quintile 1, 2, or 3 schools in 2018. These students will be considered automatically for the 2017For the academic year 2023, students will get a full cost bursary or scholarship.
  • International students (any student without a South African ID). Fee adjustment award and will not be required to submit an application.
  • Students will receive a full-cost bursary or scholarship for the 2023 academic year.
  • Foreign students (any student without a South African ID).

Unisa Gap Grant Application

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Unisa Gap Grant Application 2023-2024

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