unisa ndp application form 2023-2024

By | September 14, 2021

unisa ndp application form 2023-2024

unisa ndp application form 2023-2024

unisa ndp application form

Prospective students who have never been registered with Unisa for a formal qualification, as well as returning students who wish to change qualification, stream/specialisation, or register for non-degree purposes (NDP), must apply for admission and receive confirmation of admission approval for the qualification appliqué.

This includes students who are nearing the end of a qualification or alternative pathway and want to continue their education in a different field.

Unisa’s enrolment management method applies to all admissions applications. The Unisa Council has authorized criteria for ranking enrolment targets, which are used to evaluate and offer slots for admission.

Even if they match the statutory and college-specific admission standards for their chosen qualification(s), applicants are not automatically admitted to study through Unisa. The number of slots available for each qualification determines how applicants are accommodated.

Returning students who are not currently enrolled or who have filed for a stop out (deferment) must apply for admission during the application period for the next academic year if they want to modify their qualification.

unisa ndp application form 2023-2024

To be admitted to the chosen postgraduate qualification, all postgraduate students must apply.

Application to study at Unisa for the chosen qualification takes place within advertised times prior to a registration cycle, and new students must apply within the specified timeframes.

Students who do not complete their applications by the application deadline will not be considered for registration during the subsequent registration period.

To meet their application requirements, students must:

  1. Apply online within the published application times.
  2. Ascertain if he or she meets the entrance standards for the degree or certificate for which he or she is applying.
  3. During the application procedure, submit the relevant supporting papers.
  4. Submit the non-refundable application fee, together with the application form and required documentation (not applicable to returning students).
  5. All applications for master’s and doctorate degrees must be completed and submitted electronically. Other methods of submission will not be accepted. Note that an application is only complete once it has been received by the university.
  6. the completed application form,
  7. as well as any supporting papers required for the application’s processing; and
  8. the payment of the application fee (if applicable).

unisa ndp application form 2023-2024

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