Unisa Online Registration

By | August 13, 2021

Unisa Online Registration 2023-2024

Unisa Online Registration

Unisa Online Registration

South African University Second Semester Unisa Undergraduate Qualifications (Higher Certificates, Diplomas & Degrees, Advanced Certificates, Advanced Diplomas, Btechs & Postgraduate Certificates) Registration 2023-2024:

  • 9th – 26th June 2023 (for qualifications with semester modules): New and returning applicants
  • New Applicants for CAES and CSET Undersubscribed Qualifications: 9 June to 5 August 2023
  • Applicants Awaiting 1st Semester and Additions Results: June 9th to August 5th, 2023
  • Master’s and doctorate degrees are no longer available.
  1. Applying students(nеw аррlсаnt & Unа tudеnt who аррlеd fоr аdmеnt tо a nеw uаlfасаtiоn) mау only register if they have received a placement offer from Unisa and accepted it online. If it is discovered that you were incorrectly admitted to a university, the University of South Africa reserves the right to not process and/or cancel your registration.
  2. Applicants should re-register for the 2023-2024 academic year during the relevant registration period.

To register online, applicants will need the following information.

  • You must be a returning student or have successfully applied for admission if you are a first-time student (at Unisa).
  • Unisa will supply you with a free e-mail account for the rest of your life if you register.

Applicants should be aware of the following:

  • Once your study materials have been posted, you will be notified via letter, email, or SMS. The parcel’s track and trace number, as well as the shipping date, will be indicated in the message.
  • Before you proceed with your application, get an estimate of your study fees.
  • Are you looking for a computer? You might be able to buy a laptop if you meet certain requirements. Please let us know if you’re interested in filling out the following form.

Unisa Online Registration

Undergraduate Registration
(This includes all undergraduate degrees, including BTech degrees and National Diplomas.)

This tutorial will bring you through the web registration process for all Unisa undergraduate degrees and diplomas.

Have you previously registered with Unisa? Please continue to the next page of the web registration process if you responded yes.
Please go to the next page of the web registration process if you replied no and do not have a Unisa student number or have never registered at Unisa before.

Postgraduate Registration: Honours and Postgraduate diplomas

Postgraduate Registration: Master’s and Doctoral

Credit card payment OR read the method of payment page 
(A note on the security of Unisa’s online payment system.)

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Unisa Application Grant 2023-2024

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