unisa rpl application form 2023-2024

By | September 3, 2021

unisa rpl application form 2023-2024

unisa rpl application form 2023-2024

unisa rpl application form

RPL for honours, BTech qualifications and postgraduate diplomas

RPL access to postgraduate qualifications

If a student satisfies the prerequisite undergraduate degree’s admission requirements, he or she may use the RPL pathway to get access to a higher qualification. You will not obtain a certificate for the lower qualification if you were granted access to / advanced placement for a higher level through RPL, but you will be able to enrol for the higher qualification in question if you wish.

How long will it take?

Begin the process well in advance of your intended registration date. (We recommend registering three months ahead of time.) This will allow you to submit the relevant evidence of past learning to Unisa and give the Unisa academic staff time to review and provide feedback on your evidence. The dates of the next registration period can be found on the Unisa website or by contacting your local Unisa office.

unisa rpl application form 2023-2024

Process overview

unisa rpl application process

  1. Decide what to study

Visit Unisa’s Directorate for Counselling and Career Development if you’re not sure what to study. : www.unisa.ac.za/counselling.

  1. Apply for admission
  • Apply for admission to the program of your choice. Even if you already have a Unisa student number, you must apply for each additional certification.
  • Your application will be evaluated by Unisa. This could take a few weeks, and it will most likely be completed just after the application deadline.

Your application will be rejected if you do not meet the admission standards. In that situation, you might submit an RPL application.

  1. Verify that you meet the admissions criteria.

The Unisa website lists the admission requirements for each qualification.

unisa rpl application form 2023-2024

3.a. You do NOT meet the admission requirements

It is necessary to use RPL. For more information, contact the RPL academic coordinator. The RPL procedure provides an alternative route to a postgraduate degree. When you apply for direct admission to a postgraduate program, you must do the following: :

  • Although you lack the required undergraduate degree, you do have significant relevant experience in the subject.
  • Your existing credentials, when combined with your relevant field experience, must meet the SAQA level outcomes for a postgraduate student (NQF 7).  These assertions must be backed up by appropriate evidence.
  • Consider your previous work experience, relevant prior learning, and research experience in the subject while deciding on the proper qualification for your postgraduate qualifications.

3.b. You meet the admission requirements of the qualification – RPL is not required

This indicates you meet the formal entrance standards for the qualification you’ve chosen, and you should apply for a student number and admission the traditional way.

  1. Perform an RPL self-assessment to ensure that you meet the necessary criteria to qualify for RPL.

If you apply for RPL to gain direct entry to a postgraduate certificate, you are asserting that your past learning – that is, the knowledge you have gained through various learning settings – is equivalent to the qualification’s formal admission requirements. You must demonstrate competence in terms of prior learning, relevant learning through experience, and research abilities in order to gain entry to a postgraduate qualification through RPL.

For full details on the SAQA level descriptors (NQF 7) to use for the self-assessment, please consult the SAQA website (saqa.org.za).

Self-evaluation as a kind of preparation

Before applying for the RPL, you must reflect on your prior learning and complete a self-assessment exercise. You achieve this by determining the extent to which your prior learning fits the requirement(s) using the level descriptors for a NQF 7 certificate. You should be able to interpret the SAQA level descriptors and apply your knowledge in a real-world setting. Prior learning must be relevant to the academic environment of the qualification you are considering, as well as being current, valid, and applicable. You are not required to submit the self-assessment activity because it is merely for the purpose of preparing for your RPL application.

unisa rpl application form 2023-2024

4.a. You meet the requirements to apply for RPL.

Prepare for your RPL application process by performing research on the field in which you have relevant experience and past learning if you wish to apply for RPL access to postgraduate qualifications. Before you apply, double-check that your experience matches the requirements of the chosen qualification.

4.b. You do not meet the requirements for RPL; you must complete the required undergraduate qualification.

This signifies that your past knowledge is insufficient to meet the prerequisites for immediate entry into the postgraduate program. To complete the prerequisite qualification, we recommend that you take the usual method of application and registration (s).

  1. Complete the RPL application form and send it to the RPL academic coordinator, together with all supporting documentation.

Send your application to the RPL office by mail, courier, e-mail, or hand delivery. Please save a copy of the completed application form as well as all supporting documents for future use.

At the end of this document, fill out the RPL application form and attach supporting documents as well as proof of payment of the application fee.

As you finish your paperwork, please refer to the checklist (section 7 of the application form). Ensure that all essential documents are presented, since no application forms will be processed if they are incomplete. Authentic, relevant, substantial, and recent proof is required. Pay special attention to your motivations, which are at the heart of your application. Verify that the application fee was paid into the correct account and that the reference is correct.

RPL access is granted on the basis of proof of learning. Direct entry to a postgraduate qualification is granted on the basis of appropriate experience-based learning, not on the basis of experience alone.

Section 1:

Please fill all sections of the form with your personal information.

Section 2:

Please specify your desired qualification, as well as the college, department, and/or school where it is offered. It is vital that you make the right decision. If you are given immediate access, it is solely for that particular qualification.

Section 3:

List all certificates, diplomas, and other awards you’ve acquired as a result of attending short courses, in-service training courses, and other comparable activities. As documentation, make sure to include original certified copies of all certificates. At any point during the procedure, Unisa reserves the right to seek the original papers. It’s also a good idea to add the curriculum of any classes you’ve taken, if possible.

unisa rpl application form 2023-2024


Only substantial proof and evidence of your learning can be considered for direct entry to a postgraduate qualification. Your learning must be backed up with documentation that is verifiable, sufficient, appropriate, and valid. As a result, you must verify that the proof you give is both authentic and current.

Section 4:

This section should give a general overview of your knowledge, skills, and abilities. To provide an overview of yourself, as well as your academic and career history, attach an expanded CV and a signed job description on company letterhead.

Section 5:

You must write one full motivation not exceeding two pages in length for direct access to a postgraduate qualification. Your motivation should be specific and address the SAQA level descriptions. Refer to the applicable SAQA level descriptions for NOF 7 to help you compile the motivation. Under each primary point, SAQA offers five possibilities. Choose the bullet point beneath each main point that you believe is most applicable for your intended qualification for RPL purposes.

Cover these level descriptors in your motivation and explain how your prior learning meets them. You should be able to interpret the SAQA level descriptors and apply your knowledge in a real-world setting. Prior learning should be relevant to the academic environment of the specific certification, and experience-based learning must be current, valid, and applicable.

unisa rpl application form 2023-2024

You must also demonstrate that your current competency level is equivalent to that of a student who has completed the prerequisite qualification in the traditional manner and that you will be able to cope with the demands of postgraduate qualifications in order to gain access to a postgraduate qualification. Please include supporting proof to back up your motivation. This could include any relevant evidence of your research experience, as well as any work-related projects you’ve worked on. If necessary, you can group learning outcomes.

Section 6:

Make sure you sign the understanding declaration. It is necessary to provide the following extra documentation:

  • Letter of introduction: You must prepare an extensive letter of introduction that reflects on your prior learning, job, and research experience. Introduce yourself to the academic(s) who will be evaluating and assessing your experience in a maximum of two typed pages. Set forth your motive for applying for RPL, your capabilities, and your communication skills in this letter of introduction. This background information will help the members of the evaluation panel put your expertise and experience into context.
  • In a few phrases, summarize your earlier learning and explain which abilities, information, and traits you have acquired.
  • Clearly state your objectives and connect them to your reasons for pursuing an additional degree based on your prior experience. Provide enough information about your life for the assessor to have a good idea of who you are and what your future plans are. Personal information should be kept concise and to the point.

unisa rpl application form 2023-2024

Section 7:


You must compose an essay on any topic that is connected to your field of study. The information must be well-researched and backed up with references. You must demonstrate that you can write at the NQF level 7 cognitive level. In your essay, you must demonstrate your ability to organize material rationally, conduct basic research, and properly reference your sources. This demonstrates that you will be able to handle postgraduate work.

The essay should include an introduction and a conclusion, as well as logically organized content in paragraphs. Please proofread your essay before submitting it as part of your RPL application.

You can also use the basic outline of the essay as proof of your abilities to gather and analyze data. completing and submitting the RPL application

Submit documents to the university. Only the completed RPL application form should be sent (pages and the supporting documentation).  These must be sent to the RPL academic coordinator who is responsible for your program.
Please do not submit an RPL application before you have spoken to the RPL academic coordinator and have been fully informed of the process.

As you engage in the RPL process, you will receive detailed information about

  • your eligibility for RPL
  • the correct banking details and RPL handling fee
  • current timeframes and deadlines
  • specific RPL requirements for individual qualifications

You can also submit the application along with the relevant supporting documentation as a portfolio of proof.

  1. The academic coordinator for RPL provided feedback on the assessment.
  • You will receive feedback after the assessment panel has examined your application.
  • Additional RPL assessment may be necessary after the examination of your RPL application form. This can take the shape of a thorough evidence portfolio, a panel interview, or a competency discussion. A second essay on a topic selected by the panel may also be required.
  • Acceptance of the assessment and preparation for it: Please confirm your decision to proceed with the evaluation in writing within two weeks of getting response.
  • You will receive an RPL feedback letter explaining the full details of the assessment. You may contact the RPL academic coordinator for further support.

unisa rpl application form 2023-2024

6.a. Direct access has been given.

You may register for your approved qualification in the next registration cycle if you receive a letter from the RPL Department saying that you are Competent (C) and that direct access has been granted.

6.b. Access to qualification is granted on a conditional basis.

The RPL feedback letter will go over the specifics. These requirements must be met within two years following the letter’s dispatch.

6.c. There is no access provided.

If you are deemed to be “Not Yet Competent (NYC),” the assessment panel will make a suggestion on how to proceed. .

  1. Fulfil the conditions as per the RPL letter

7.a. Recommend RPL academic coordinator if all conditions are met.

In writing, inform the RPL academic coordinator that you have met the requirements outlined in your RPL letter. Attach a copy of the letter as well as proof of compliance with the conditions, such as your formal examination results.

7.b. Conditions have not been met.

If the prerequisites are not met, or if you are declared Not Yet Competent (NYC), the RPL procedure will not be able to provide you access. You should take the standard educational path and apply for and complete the required undergraduate degree.

  1. You have direct access and may signup.

You must register for your approved qualification during the following registration cycle if you get a letter from the RPL academic coordinator certifying that you are Competent (C). Your RPL opportunity will expire if you do not register in the following registration period. You will not receive any of the preceding credentials as a result of this decision. Academic standing is provided solely for the purpose of gaining admission to your chosen postgraduate program.

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