Where are Unisa Graduations held

By | August 27, 2021

Where are Unisa Graduations held

Where are Unisa Graduations held

Where are Unisa Graduations held

The Graduation venue will be communicated to all graduands


The graduation ceremony

On arrival
Please report to the registration counter in the foyer, where you will be given a seating card with your name, degree or diploma, and seat number. You will be directed to a counter or desk where you may pick up your guest tickets. Guests must be seated 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the ceremony. There are no reserved seats for visitors. If you have arranged to pick up your academic gown at the graduation location (except in Pretoria, where this service is not available), please do so at the supplier’s stall.

During the event,
When the academic procession enters the hall, graduands/diploma candidates and visitors should rise. They may only take their seats after the Chancellor has given the signal. The audience should rise and remain to stand until the procession has departed the venue at the conclusion of the ceremony.
The graduand whose name comes first in the program rises when signalled by Graduations personnel, carrying the hood over the left arm and the seating card in the right hand, and ascends the stage from the right side (as seen from the audience).  The graduate presents his or her card to the college official, who reads the name out loud. The graduand is given the card, which acts as a cue to approach the Chancellor and kneel on the stool with the right knee. The degree is awarded by the Chancellor. The graduand walks up to the Registrar, who is standing to the Chancellor’s right (as seen from the audience), hands him the hood, and then turns to face the audience.

Where are Unisa Graduations held

When the Registrar drapes the hood over the graduate’s shoulders, a photograph is taken. The graduate should stand up straight and stare squarely at the camera to obtain a high-quality shot. On the left, the graduate descends the stage (as seen from the audience).  A university official hands up the degree certificate. As the graduate returns to his or her seat, a head and shoulder photograph is taken. The college delegate returns to his or her seat when the last graduate of the college descends the stage. The sequence is repeated when the next college representative takes his or her place behind the lectern.

Diploma candidates
The candidate whose name appears first in the program rises and ascends the stage from the right, holding the seating card in his right hand (as seen from the audience).  Because the neckband is not draped on stage, the candidate must wear it. The candidate presents his or her card to the college representative at the lectern, who reads out the candidate’s name and hands it back to him or her.
The candidate crosses the stage and shakes the Registrar’s hand. To ensure a good shot, the diplomate should look directly at the camera when shaking hands. On the left, the diplomate descends the stage (as seen from the audience).  A university official hands over the diploma certificate. Ahead and shoulder shot is taken as the diplomate returns to his or her seat.

Doctoral candidates
After the college representative has presented the candidate to the congregation, the graduand’s supervisor reads a brief validation. If the supervisor is unavailable, the validation is read by a representative from the relevant college.

Where are Unisa Graduations held

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